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14 Rimrock - Construction

This unique building site, tucked beneath rock cliffs in a rural setting, allowed Shannon to use his creativity, utilizing the natural surroundings to the home’s advantage.  On paper the truss design looked great, but in order to maximize natural lighting while not allowing the space to feel cramped, required some creativity.  The homeowners were gracious enough to grant Shannon latitude to redesign the truss design on the fly, inadvertently creating a industrial rustic accent that was much better than the original design.  While personalizing the home, Shannon located some flume timbers from the owners’ hometown.  These were used to build the fireplace mantle and dining area chandelier.  14 Ramrock nestles beautifully between large boulders, integrating hillside and home.  We were friends with Beth and Bob prior to the building process, and now consider them some of our closest!

Enjoy our blog of the construction process!

I am so excited for this project!  It is a custom home for friends of ours who have been waiting to build for a several years.  They finally found a piece of property that they loved and then had to begin the plan design process.  It hasn't been simple or easy, and there's been a few curve balls, especially a well that was deeper than we all hoped for.  Now the home is framed, insulated, drywalled and taped.  The homeowners just completed painting yesterday at midnight.  They are putting in some sweat equity into the home and may be slightly exhausted right now!  A covered deck, which was a post framing decision, is in progress.  The siding will begin next week, as well as rough sawn floors.  

While the process hasn't been perfectly smooth, it's what is expected building in the country.  There's been many a decision that may not be perfect, but will still make an awesome home.  The location and views are magnificent.  Their children will love growing up running around the boulder-strewn hillside; While country building and living may be more difficult, the payoffs are abundant.  Those boulders also create some fantastic natural landscaping!  I can picture a hot tub nestled between a few of them in a year or so.  

I am so excited for this family to be able to move into their home in about a month!

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Sometimes the guys that work for Shannon are amazed at my helplessness.  Such was the case when I arrived at the job site to deliver this tub with no real plan as to how it would be unloaded, much less get it up the driveway to the house; I just needed it out of our garage!  It all worked out.  One guy took care of backing my suburban up the drive, and the tapers unloaded it, getting me back on the road super quick.  We do have some great subcontractors working with us!

The homeowners decided after framing that they really wanted a covered deck, so this next week the framers should be back to extend the vaulted roof line over the deck.  Shannon is hoping to place boulders at the base of the support posts for the deck.

While it may not look like it from the pictures, 14 Ramrock Rd is nearing completion.  The covered porch has been added to the back while the homeowners have been furiously tiling their master shower and kitchen back splash.  Most of the interior finish work should be wrapping up by mid-next-week and then, the exterior siding needs to be done.  Unfortunately, our sider has not been able to get to this project, so Shannon will be tackling it, which kinda puts a crimp in completion, but it will all work out.  The granite counter tops look amazing.  The entire project is really coming together beautifully.  One our favorite parts is the fireplace mantel.  It is a slab of wood from an old flume from a mine in the hometown of the homeowner ~ a little added sentimental value! 

The home at 14 Ramrock wrapped up in early September.  It was exciting to see the family move in.  Knowing how much our family loves living in the country, we are excited for the to experience country living as well.  With magnificent views of the Elkhorn Mountains from many of the windows in their home, they should appreciate coming home to their own private retreat.  

Welcome home, Beth and Bob!

Here are a couple snaps of the finished project!  

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