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What We Do

We are custom home builders in Helena, Montana.

We Always Find the Best Solutions for Your Project

We work with our clients to come up with innovative ideas in home design, unique details and a creative budget. No matter what your resources, we strive to give our clients a custom solution, not a cookie-cutter answer. We encourage homeowners to offer suggestions and make important decisions, extensively researching ideas, adding that personal detail to the construction process. 

From the planning stages of your project to the final cleaning, Shannon is there to guide you through each decision. Shannon takes a hands-on approach to the construction process, working with you to create not just a house, but your home.


We primarily use drywall with a non-standard swirl texture.  We use a plethora of materials for accent walls - from rustic shiplap to smooth shiplap, metal and stone etc.  There are so many creative wall concepts and we are always willing to try something new!

Energy Efficient

We strive to make our homes energy efficient, balancing cost with ROI.  Standard features are expandable foam insulation in the walls, fan timers, LED lighting, energy star windows and appliances.


We include timber, metal and rock accents in many of our homes.  We strive for a rustic refined curb appeal, yet work with each individual homeowner giving the home a personalized touch.


To borrow a term from one of our homeowners – we firmly believe the lighting is the jewelry of the home. We use designer lighting where it matters most to set the mood in each area of your home.  Searching for lighting that cannot be found in many other homes is a Bell Construction trademark. 


Many of our homes feature Montana milled band-sawn, circle sawn fir – or a combination -  creating a distinctly Montana appeal.  Bell Construction installs, sands, stains, and seals each of our floors.  Upon completion, there is tremendous satisfaction in the simple beauty each unique floor adds to the personalization of a home. 


All of the timber collars, straps or metal transitions are custom made on site to create a one-of-a-kind look.  They exude a solid feel and, as an added benefit, since each is made specifically for your project, will not be easily replicated.

Featured Projects

2006 Switchgrass

Mount Helena

As one enters this home at the base of Mount Helena, you are drawn to the panoramic views and welcoming atmosphere.  While the exterior appears unpretentious, the floor plan hides many hidden gems, from the well-planned laundry room to the wine cellar, this home serves many functions.

  • Rough sawn beams

  • Granite countertops

  • And more!

6045 Forestview

Montana roots

A couple, returning to their Montana roots, desired a simple home yet one large enough to accommodate their extended family and many friends.  This home does deliver!

  • Stylish lighting

  • Expansive windows

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Want to see even more detailed project stories? See Our Work

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